We have medical, dental and vision benefits as well as year-end bonuses.

Set glass doors into frames and bolt metal hinges, locks, handles and other hardware to attach doors to frames and walls using a level.

Install pre-assembled wood or metal frameworks for doors and windows before glass panel installation using hand tools.

Cut, put together, measure or install metal frames and enclosures for glass panels in various areas and structures, including bathtubs, showers, display cases, solaria and skylights.

Read and understand blueprints and specifications to know necessary work details, including: colour, shape, size, type and thickness of glass to be installed, framing location, procedures for installation and any scaffolding or other staging items needed before beginning work.

Drive trucks to work locations and unload tools and equipment, then use suction cups or cranes to lift out glass panels.

Safely cut and remove old and broken glass before installing replacement glass.

Pack loose areas between glass panels and molding or frames with glazing compound, and trim excess material with a glazing knife.

Lift, hold and secure glass panels and mirrors into position with putty, cement, screws or bolts.

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