We make crystal-clear, beautiful mirrors to fit anywhere.

Brighten up any space and make it appear bigger with strategically designed mirrors. Even just a small, simple mirror can dramatically improve the mood that people feel when entering a room. Our experts use high-polished fabrication on site to give your mirror a perfect reflection.

Why settle for a one-size-fits-all mirror when no two people are the same? Instead of endlessly searching for a mirror to go into your unique space – let our experts design a custom piece that will fit, look and feel perfect. With endless colour, frame and detail options, we can make your mirror truly one-of-a-kind.

Lambton mirrors are affordably priced, and built to last.

Our most common mirrors are hanging, within doors, or most recently – spanning from floor-to-ceiling. We welcome any design challenge, no matter how complex. Some of our recent projects include installations in gyms, hospitals and restaurants. Businesses or homes have separate sets of rules and building codes – we consider every detail of them to make sure our work is safe.

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We understand how to keep your glass safe and secure from the harsh elements of a Canadian winter.


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We don't just deliver a product, we deliver an experience.

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We Take Pride In Our Work


From beachfronts to storefronts, summer cabins to luxury condominiums, Lambton Glass & Mirror Ltd. is determined to provide all our customers with affordable service and unrivalled attention‑to‑detail.


Our many glass & mirror products adapt to seasonal demand, and the changing needs of our customers.

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