Steaming has many benefits to our human bodies; including cleansing, improved circulation and hydration, as well as a calming effect on the mind.

It even helps your skin and clears out any nasal congestion. Our experts can design you the perfect enclosure to make every day feel like a visit to the spa! Enhance the rest of your bathroom with modern glass that adds value, comfort and elegance.

People have been engaging in purifying steam sessions for centuries. Indigenous cultures of Canada still commonly practice a ritual to clear their mind and body through excessive steaming in a sweat lodge. These dome-shaped structures generate massive amounts of heat by creating steam from evaporating water poured over hot rocks. Sweat lodges are sacred places that promote healing and cleansing from the inside out.

Our experts craft custom enclosures of all shapes and sizes for you to get your sweat on.

Emphasis on a spa-like feeling within bathrooms is a strong, staying trend in modern interior design. Many people consider a steaming area to be the most luxurious way to feel relaxed at home. If you haven’t yet been in a steam room – you may never want to leave once the door closes.

We ensure that everything in your enclosure is tightly sealed with no unwanted gaps, cracks or spaces for steam to escape. Capturing and retaining steam is all about efficiency. Saving energy with every session can really add up over years of regular use.

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